Support for the depressed and the suicidal.

You are not alone. When the cross becomes too heavy to bear, we at Roshni care.


Roshni’s vision is for a society in which fewer people die by suicide. Where people are able to explore and express their feelings as well as acknowledge and respect the feelings of others.

Trustees of Roshni Trust - Shashi Reddy, B. Srikanth, Shanti Krishnamurthy and Poonam Pamnani.

There are times in our lives when nothing seems to be going right and we are unable to talk about it to our friends or relatives as we are afraid of being belittled or we do not want them to worry about us. One problem leads to another. Our thoughts are so clouded that the bubble bursts. We think there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Not always does one want to end one’s life, but one certainly wants to end the pain.

Roshni is a member of Befrienders Worldwide, an international organization which is recognized by the UN and has 401 member centers in 38 countries across the continents with 31,000 trained volunteers world over. In India, we are affiliated to Befrienders India, which has 17 centres.


Depression is a treatable disorder that changes how you think and feel. It also affects your social behavior and sense of physical well being. We have all felt that at one time or another, but if these feelings linger, intensify and begin to interfere with work, school or family responsibilities, it may be depression.

Depression is a passing phase. The darkest hour is before dawn. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

signs of depression

If you have any one of the following symptoms you might be suffering from depression and should consider seeking help.

*(From the American Psychiatric Association Diagnostic and Statistical Classification of Mental Disorders, fourth edition.)

Awareness program for NCC cadets at Secunderabad.


Suicide takes away 1,12,320 lives in India every year leaving families without bread earners, children without parents and depriving us of our loved ones and friends. 

Suicide is not limited to any specific age group, sex or economic background. Human emotions are the same the world over. Despair, pain, anxiety, loneliness and suicide have no geographical boundaries and make no racial distinction. “I cannot go on living with things the way they are” is spoken in every language. Tears need no translation.

Suicidal feelings are not permanent. If a suicidal person is given support for 24 to 72 hours, he can get back to the mainstream of life and seek help. Very often, helping the person to ventilate and talk about his innermost fears can alleviate the pain.


Suicidal behaviour often occurs in response to a situation that the person views as overwhelming such as social isolation, death of a loved one, emotional trauma, serious physical illness, aging, unemployment, financial problems, guilt feelings or dependence on alcohol or other drugs.

Awareness program by Roshni volunteers at KBR Park.
Reasons for Suicide

How to Identify High Suicide Risk


At Roshni we understand and listen to you. If the going gets difficult, and you feel desperate and alone, you may reach a point when you feel that life is no longer worth living. At this point, we at Roshni try to fill the void by offering support. Roshni provides a platform for the distressed, depressed and suicidal to ventilate their emotions. Our services are free and confidential – we don’t require your personal details.


Roshni volunteers create awareness on how to recognise signs and symptoms of Depression, where to seek help and various sources of help available. We also educate people in eliminating stigma associated with mental and emotional wellness.

Schools and Colleges

Volunteers reach out to educational institutions, interact with students through skits, sometimes through songs, and explain how to reach out to Roshni in times of distress both at home and at school. Issues could be peer pressure, academic pressure, love failure, relationship, anxiety etc.


Roshni addresses various LGBT organizations, understands their issues and provides emotional support to them.

Cherlapally Prison

A very challenging Outreach initiative taken by Roshni volunteers who visit the prison, twice a month and befriend undertrials. Providing such a service to the inmates with limited social support and confinement to a small space seems difficult yet healing.

Support for the Terminally Ill

We extend our support to the terminally ill people like seniors, paralytic, hearing impaired, cancer survivors.
Our visits entail going to:
Indo American Cancer Institute, Banjara hills
MNJ Cancer Hospital, Nampally
Sparsh Hospice, Banjara Hills
Apollo College of Nursing, Hyderabad
Durgabai Deshmukh Hospital, Vidya Nagar
Roshni Palliative Care, Kukatpally

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