‘Roshni’ Trust is providing Hyderabad’s large community of seniors its first true recreation center to improve their quality of life

You have spent a lifetime taking care of…

Your career, your children, your family, your home.

Are you looking for a place which can make a difference in your life?

Where you can meet like minded senior friends,

A place to do more than you ever thought you could,

Love improving your quality of life?



“Roshni Recreation Center”


Roshni Trust provides Hyderabad’s large Community of Seniors, a Recreation Centre, with the purpose of improving the quality of life of seniors and energizing their mental and physical capacity. The beginning happened on 22nd Sep, 2016, Thursday, with the support of our mentors, Roshni Trustees – Mrs. Shashi Reddy, Mrs. Poonam Pamnani, Ms. Shanthi K, and Gerontologist – Dr. Mateen Ansari, along with other members of roshni, with an intend to bring warmth, comfort and dispel insecurity and loneliness, by facilitating an active life through a positive approach for the seniors. In your twilight hours, this is a great way to meet new people, learn new things and share experiences with one another. Research indicates that isolation can erode the physical, mental and emotional health of seniors. To arrest this, the centre provides opportunities for social interaction, physical and mental activities which can prevent depression, decrease feelings of isolation and improve quality of life.

The very ambience – a serene and sedate atmosphere, a club like environment with apt adages put up creatively on the walls, makes the place inviting. The room is neat, well ventilated and fitted with TV, AC and comfortable chairs for the Silvers. The place is equipped with books, board games and special activities to develop cognitive and motor skills.
All this and more makes the Centre, a heavenly place for the Silvers, with our charming and caring coordinator, Mrs. Neelam Singh.

With this in mind we strive towards serving senior citizens equally with simplicity, building optimism and belief in their abilities to overcome challenges and never give up.

A bend in the road is not the end of the road.



Look forward to a fun filled, rejuvenating morning?

If YES! …. spend a few hours at our Center, where you can socialize, take part in fitness activities and enjoy educational activities.

So, experience it live at Roshni Recreation Center

We boost brain power, stimulate creative thinking, and help bring innovative ideas with various games and activities.

The reminiscence games we play – is the best way to encourage, tickle the imagination of the seniors by walking down memory lane, recollecting past memories, milestones and gradually coming to the present.

Activities related to developing cognitive skills like “see, remember and recollect,” word building, puzzles, brain teasers, scrabble, etc are part of the schedule.

Session of relaxation therapy to calm and soothe the mind is part of the weekly schedule.

To inculcate hobbies, we introduce crochet, knitting and singing. Occasionally, members demonstrate cooking of special dishes and effort is made to keep in touch with mother earth by way of planting indoor saplings.


To enable the participant to keep abreast with topics on various issues, eminent speakers are invited to make presentations on Geriatric subjects like :-   

TOPICS & names

Modern Society and Loneliness – Dr. Mateen Ansari, Gerontologist, Senior Wellness Specialist.

Role of Caregivers (Memory, Signs and Symptoms of DEMENTIA) – Dr. Srilakshmi Pingali, Psychiatrist

Twilight State of Life – Dr. K. Niranjan Reddy

Experience Happiness Through Yoga – Ms. Rama Devi

Exercise, Rest, Eat Right, Stay Fit (RRC 1st year celebration) – Ms. Madhulika, Nutritionist – AIG

Finding the Silver Lining A Talk on emotions (RRC 1st year celebration) – Dr. Srilakshmi Pingali, Psychiatrist

Geriatric Population and Fall – Dr. Sunil T, Physiotherapist

Finding The Silver Lining Pressure (A Talk on self distress) – Dr. Jyoti Priya, Consultant Psychiatrist

Exercise, Rest, Stay Fit (Physio) – Dr. Sunil T, Physiotherapist and Pushyami Sattiraju, Specialised in Geriatric and Fall Prevention.

Good Food (A Guide to Healthy Cooking and Eating) – Ms. Seetha Anand Vaidyam, Remedial Therapist, Author and Wellness Coach.

Sleep and Wellness in Seniors – G. Shiva Kumar, Clinical Psychologist, RCC

Mindfulness Meditation and Its benefits – Dr. S. Jayanthi, Psychotherapist Child Guidance and Parenting Expert.

Good Health by Yoga on International Yoga Day – Harshita Soni, Yoga Therapy for the Body & Mind

Healthy and Holistic Ways to live – Ms.Seetha Anand Vaidyam, Remedial Therapist, Author and Wellness Coach

ARVI Influence Technology and Improve Senior Healthcare System – Mr. Sushant Reddy, CEO,


Tilak Raj Mehta

RRC is a boon for lonely seniors. The atmosphere is very cordial, members are friendly and they conduct interesting programs. RRC has become a part of my life. I feel I am getting addicted to it.

October 14, 2019

Mrs.Gulshan Marwah

This kind of service is the need of the hour because of nuclear families, where the SENIOR CITIZENS are left lonely. It was a dream comes true for men I thoroughly enjoy all the activities, workshops by eminent personalities, picnics, going for movies organized by the center. Games like scrabble and other board games keep our brains active. Things we longed to do, like singing, painting & craft, etc, we now do n live for ourselves n enjoy the golden days of our lives. Want to thank the RRC Team for all the hard work n planning, to make us feel mentally and emotionally strong with caring support.

October 14, 2019

Bessie John

I joined RRC for seniors, a lovely set of people and a lot to learn. They give us interesting quizzes, brain teasers and action games. We play games like scrabble, snakes & ladders, caroms etc. Every session is interesting and lively. We see movies occasionally, go for picnic and outings. Thanks to Roshni for giving us a place to rest and enjoy. Wishing all the best to Roshni and the team.

October 14, 2019

Moina Ahmed

I joined this lively place in July 2017, after retirement. This is the best thing that has happened to me. The atmosphere here is so relaxing and friendly, the activities here are very refreshing and mind stimulating. Before joining, I was drained of energy just sitting at home, but after having joined Roshni Recreation Center, I have become younger and energetic.

October 14, 2019

Mrs. Sadhana Karan

When I joined the Recreation Center in 2018, I found it very relaxed and stress-free. We do exercises, mind teaser games, and interact very beautifully with our colleagues. Our instructor is very active and helpful. I really enjoy my presence in the center.

October 14, 2019

Dr. B. Atchamamba

I joined in 2018. Very thoughtfully designed to bring out the inner talent of senior citizens. Yoga for health, brain teasers and other activities are very interesting to activate the brain. Games like Caroms, Chinese Checkers are our childhood memories. The organizers have innovative ways to make it more interesting day by day.

October 14, 2019

Parveen Bastawalla

A meeting place for senior citizens with no specific aim, but their mental welfare. Center for socializing and sharing emotions, an outlet other than the home routine, I think, is an excellent idea with a great place and interesting activities. Added to that, exposure to different talks by physiotherapists, psychologists and other specialists has been of great value, from which, I myself have benefitted. Wish you all the best for your future endeavors.

October 14, 2019

Mrs.Chaya Vedula.

RRC for me, stands for a place to relax, rejoice and unwind with a well-planned agenda prepared and executed by Mrs. Neelam, which takes into account the physical and mental activities of all the members under the able guidance by our friend, philosopher, and guide, Mrs. Shanti. Hats off to you all for continuing the activities during this pandemic period of Covid-19. But for my entry into RRC, I would not have made so many wonderful friends.

June 20, 2020

Dr. Mandhakini Kumar

RRC is a binding savior of senior citizens. It binds us together, looking forward to it and don’t want to miss it. The center deals with a wide variety of board games, brainteasers, puzzles, reminiscing activities, cooking classes, but not the least, to cap it with some shayari and poetry etc. Neelam, our coordinator, is amazing and very enterprising and Ms. Shanti is a pillar of strength. We are very happy to have found this organization.

June 20, 2020

A. Gabriel

I like the place and gathering. It’s a place for seniors to join exciting fun activities. I love sharing reminiscing thoughts and reciting my favorite poetry.

June 21, 2020

Mrs.Sukanya Baba.

After joining RRC, I have gained confidence in myself and lost my shyness. It is a great experience to meet people of the same age and interest. Reminisces activities took me “back in time” and remembering small forgotten details, gave me great happiness and pleasure to especially share about my Father. It is the best place for seniors like me.

October 14, 2020

Sukumari Shukla.

I am Sukumari Shukla. I always wanted to go to a place like Roshni Recreation Center for Senior Citizens. I am enjoying every moment. I meet good friends, where we all talk, laugh, and have some snacks and tea. I enjoy playing games, puzzles, exercises. Now I am happy to be here and enjoy my days.

October 14, 2020
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