Roshni Helpline

Support for the depressed and the suicidal
A voluntary organization that values human life

In a world of darkness and despair, Roshni Trust stands out like a beacon of hope, offering succor and support to those suffering.
To alleviate mental despair and depression, physical pain and misery – is the mission of Roshni Trust.
We aim at providing service in the area of mental health by creating awareness to eradicate stigma attached to psychiatric issues.
We extend our services to the terminally ill in offering palliative care.

Our Vision

Roshni’s vision is for a society in which fewer people die by suicide. Where people are able to explore and express their feelings as well as acknowledge and respect the feelings of others.

The initiative

There are times in our lives when nothing seems to be going right and we are unable to talk about it to our friends or relatives as we are afraid of being belittled or we do not want them to worry about us. One problem leads to another. Our thoughts are so clouded that the bubble bursts. We think there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Not always does one want to end one’s life, but one certainly wants to end the pain.

Suicide is not a wish to die but a cry for help. It is our endeavour at Roshni to listen to that cry of pain and offer support to the desperate and the distressed.

Roshni is a member of Befrienders Worldwide, an international organization which is recognized by the UN and has 401 member centers in 38 countries across the continents with 31,000 trained volunteers world over. In India, we are affiliated to Befrienders India, which has 17 centres.

You are not alone. When the cross becomes too heavy to bear, we at Roshni care.

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